New Hampshire 

Secrets, Legends & Lore

WELCOME TO THE New Hampshire SECRETS, LEGENDS & LORE PODCAST where twice a month we explore the world of New Hampshire that lies outside of the hard news. Host, Wayne King invites you to join us for an adventure that will take us on a journey together to explore those things that are unlikely to make the pages of your newspaper, the waves of your radio station or the bits and bytes of your favorite news website. Yet for many of us these stories will reveal what makes life here in the Granite State truly worth living. 

Together we’ll uncover some secrets, speculate on a few rumors and legends and we’ll meet the people, and a critter or two, both living and long departed who weave together the colorful tapestry of New Hampshire’s past and some who are helping to build our future. 

We’ll explore places known and unknown that you will want to add to your bucket list; We’ll laugh together, gasp together and maybe even shed a tear or two. 

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