The View from

Rattlesnake Ridge

"Few can turn political musings into poetic prose like Wayne King.”

“Wayne D. King exalts national dialogue in ‘Democracy Should be a Messy Business’ but that solutions are found in differing viewpoints given by people who respect each other. In ‘Looking for Hope: You’ll find it at the dump on Buffalo Road in Rumney,’ King is engaging about history, politics and our unifying bond as everyday people. Few can turn political musings into poetic prose like Wayne D. King.”

~ The New England Newspaper & Press Association.

Columns Past

October 15, 2023  Keep Mount Washington’s Name but Restore the Asquamchumaukee

October 1, 2023: Take a Late Fall Tamarack Tour - After the gawkers are gone a season of gold beckons.

September 17, 2023:  Staying Safe in the Waters of New Hampshire

September 12, 2023: Hold onto your hats! Everything that you assume about the Upcoming Presidential Election May be Wrong

June 28, 2023  Courage to Face the Fire: Rachel Carson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the Face of Public Backlash

June 21, 2023:  What About . . . Democracy: Democrats and Republicans Both Signal their Intentions to Sidestep the Process

May 29, 2023  The Aliens Have Landed - What now? The triple threats of Climate, Inequality, and Ai Offer an International Opportunity

May 18, 2023  Don’t Sell Bobby Kennedy Jr. Short - Mainstream media does a great disservice to us all by its censoring of RFK Jr.

April 14, 2023 Time to Tell a Different Story on Inflation? Modern Monetary Theory offers an alternative but Politicians and Policy Makers Are Ignoring it.

February 6, 2023  The Two Party System Has Failed Us: Calling the Coalition of the Decent

January 29, 2023 Rediscovering the American Song

November 2, 2022 Autumn is Sooo Bittersweet, but Today There are Ripples of Hope

August 24,2022 Supreme Resistance  A Religious Judicial Taliban Has Taken Control

August 15, 2022  Dismembering the AlamoVictor Orban's Fascist Plagarism

May 30, 2022: My Own Private Lupine Festival The pandemic may have canceled the Sugar Hill festival, but no one told the flowers.

May 15, 2022: A Firestorm is Coming: Supreme Court Prepares to Pull the Pin on Democracy

April 15, 2022: Checking our Democracy – The Lunatics Have Overtaken the Asylum

March 15, 2022: Our Moment

November 3, 2021: Growing Together Again - Picking Winners and Losers threatens to Further Divide the Nation

August 1, 2021: Toward A Fairer Distribution of Wealth

June 24, 2021:  We the People: Re-defining Bi-Partisan in the Post-Trump Era

June 14, 2021:  Celebrating the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

April 24, 2021: Two Pandemics, One Cure - Truth & Justice - Reconciliation Demands Truth and Justice as its Partner

March 27, 2021: A Tribute to Mike Marland, ‘The Laugh Track of My Life’

March 8, 2021: A Prophesy Wrapped in an Opportunity - Haaland Nomination Could be a Turning Point

January 10, 2021: Reflections on American Democracy from West Africa and Rattlesnake Ridge, NH

October 6, 2020: A West Wing Style Solution for Healing Around Supreme Court

October 2, 2020:  Joe Biden’s Bobby Kennedy Moment . . . and Ours

July 25, 2020: Drumbeats From My Father

July 18, 2020:  Rattlesnake Ridge to the World: Pardon Our Temporary Insanity

May 13, 2020: Roaring Back Economically - Now is the Time for a Basic Income and National Healthcare

April 11, 2020: Quiet, A Partisan Truce, A Reset, and, Perhaps, a Renewal

January 26, 2020: Lamar Alexander’s ‘Howard Baker Moment’ 

December 8, 2019: Saying Goodbye to Boofie, Life Lessons from a Wolf-Dog

November 10, 2019: Some Things Are Worth Losing Over: Politicians Can Learn from Military Heroes

October 3, 2019: Impeachment Talk in the Shadow of Rattlesnake Ridge

August 5, 2019: Leaving Home 2.0, A Farewell Salute To Rumney Folks

June 4, 2019: Want a Green Revolution? Build it from the Center and Work Outward – FAST

April 14, 2019: John Roberts’ Moment . . . Without Fear or Favor

March 19, 2019: Special audio interview: Wayne King: From Living in a Tent in College to Winning NENPA Column Award

February 14, 2019: NH Centennial Primary May Be its Swan Song

January 14, 2019: There is a Force Bringing Americans Together - Donald Trump

December 14, 2018: The White Mountain National Forest at 100

November 9, 2018: Run Beto Run - For President

October 14, 2018: We Need to Talk - Saving Democracy Means Changing the Game

September 18, 2018: Establishing an American Citizen’s Dividend - UBI

August 25, 2018: Without a Healing Narrative Trump Wins Reelection

June 15, 2018:  A Storm is Coming

May 12, 2018: Democracy 2.0: Democracy Should Be a Messy Business with Lots of Noise

May 29, 2018: Looking for Hope? You can find it at the Rumney Dump

April 28, 2018: The Future of Work: The Gig Economy Is Here To Stay

April 27, 2018:  The Value of Native American Indian Investment in America

April 8, 2018: Lessons from the March for Our Lives and the Scottish Parliament - Time to Give 16 and 17-Year-Olds the Right to Vote

April 4, 2018:  An Opportunity in a Crisis- Time for NH Eversource to Move On From Northern Pass 

March 18, 2018: Finding the Center: Reversing The Hollowing of the Political Center in America

March 17, 2018: What Next? Blood Doping at Sandwich Fair?

March 10, 2018: The Hidden Time Bomb within the Good Employment News

March 3, 2018: A National American Social Dividend and a New American Paradigm

February 14, 2018: Restoring the American Voice

January 16, 2018: Trump Insults the Entire Native American Community

January 13, 2018: The Deep State from Rattlesnake Ridge, NH

January 1, 2018: Merit Guided Governance: NH’s 1992 Senate Was One to Remember And Emulate

December 17, 2017: Re-Imagining GDP  Are We Measuring the Wrong Things - or Do We Just Need to Expand Our Thinking?

December 3, 2017: Government Doesn't Create Jobs, Neither Do Businesses

November 20, 2017:  In Search of a Steady Hand and an Open Heart   Reinventing and Rebuilding the American Idea in a Post-Trump World