Sponsorship Information - special opportunities

Thunder Over the Mountains is a telling of the story and a celebration of the victory over the Northern Pass project. It is not intended as a podcast that hews to the journalistic traditions of equal time or a balanced view. We have a definite viewpoint and make no apologies for it. At the same time, we will make every effort not to be hyperbolic or disrespectful. We simply want to tell the story of how a rag tag group of folks took on and defeated the state's largest utility company and Canada's Crown corporation HydroQuebec; and the love of the land that was central to keeping them going.

We are seeking a lead sponsor and between 2 and 5 additional sponsors for the Podcast. In each of the episodes (Minimum of 10) we will provide a one minute advertorial space for an ad voiced by your spokesperson or by us. The ads will be placed throughout the podcast at strategically chosen moments. The lead sponsor will have the first choice of placement for each episode.

All digital pages related to the podcast will include your logo, listing you as a sponsor and any public interviews granted will mention your contribution to the success of the podcast.

Lead Sponsor: Contact us directly for sponsorship

Co-Sponsor (Max of 4): Contact us directly for sponsorship

Contact us for more information by email or phone at 603-530-4460

We reserve the right to respectfully decline prospective sponsors whom we feel would be inconsistent with the values inherent in the podcast.