Life After Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon

After the death of Donald Hall in 2018 the home that he had shared for many years with his wife Jane Kenyon was put up for sale along with all its contents. A dedicated group of friends and admirers of the two poets purchased the "Farm on Eagle Pond" and some of the most precious possessions of Donald and Jane with the hopes of establishing a permanent living memorial to their memory. In 2019 Wayne King was given access to the building to photograph what had survived the estate sale and to attempt to capture some of the spirit that Donald and Jane had brought to life here in the small town of Wilmot, New Hampshire. Wayne had become friends with Jane and Donald back in the early 1990s when they worked together to conserve a large tract of land on the side of Mount Kearsarge so the project was particularly meaningful to him. He is in the process of creating a series of limited edition prints that will be used to raise funds to complete a final purchase of the property and begin the process of creating a sustainable living memorial to the memory of the two beloved poets and authors.