Coming soon: Thunder Over the Mountains - The Fight to Stop Northern Pass

In the waning days of 2009 New England's largest utility company, a company used to getting its way through political power, generous distribution of money, and a huge helping of sheer hubris, teamed up with Canada's Crown corporation Hydro-Quebec.

They began to meet in secrecy, carefully expanding their circle to prevent alerting the public. They began quietly buying up development rights and land along the border between New Hampshire and Quebec, lining up political support with healthy campaign contributions and lofty promises.

Their plan: to drive a stake through the heart of New Hampshire's Northcountry and the White Mountains in the form of a massive powerline. 135-foot towers, running some 150 miles through the most beautiful and cherished landscape in the Northeast, or anywhere in North America for that matter.

In retrospect, had they been able to secure the rights to those first few miles on either side of the boundary in secret, they might have been unstoppable.

But, like every step of the way in what would become the David and Goliath story of the young century in New Hampshire, a handful of dedicated citizens would sound the alarm and from these quiet rolling hills and granite mountains would descend an army of farmers, tradesmen and woman, housewives and househusbands, poets, writers, artists; businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers and, yes, indian chiefs, ready to fight for the land they loved.

It began over a Thanksgiving dinner with one family - who’s heritage and ties stretched across the international boundary - and a whispered warning. Canada’s massive Crown Corporation HydroQuebec was buying up land and with EverSource New Hampshire, they planned to run a powerline to the Boston metro area.

That hushed conversation was the spark that would soon become a brushfire, igniting an epic ten year battle for the soul of New Hampshire.

“Thunder Over the Mountains” is the story of the epic battle against the Northern Pass Powerline. The story of how good, decent, folks set aside all the differences that had been plaguing our country for a common cause that united them; How love-of-place and landscape triumphed over money, power, greed and arrogance.

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