Free Joseph

Free Joseph is an extraordinary Reggae and Jazz musician. He and his wife Wini Dean are long-time friends of Wayne King. Free and Wayne are hoping to collaborate on the Reconciliation Project together, Wayne is also helping Free arrange gigs beginning in June and July 2023 for the launch of his new album, "Believers & Non-Believers". To learn more about the Reconciliation Project follow this link. To contact Wayne send an email. To contact Free directly click here.

Free Joseph is an extraordinary musician whose reggae jazz fusion and positive, upbeat life philosophy is uplifting and unifying. Free claims the nature island of Dominica as home but he is really a citizen of the world. For the better part of 10 years he lived in NH with his love Wini Dean - now his wife and biggest advocate, of course.

15 years ago Free and Wini moved to Dominica and they live in a beautiful little home right on the ocean, built almost entirely by Free himself. Now he's preparing to return to the  US with the release of his third CD (with a 4th on the way) "Believers and Non-Believers". Every instrument on Believers is played by Free. As a tribute to NH and his abiding love for the people and land, he's going to begin his tour in the Granite state. 

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